Of The World

Of The World combines modern rhytm music and dance with the poems of Pentti Saarikoski. Roni Martin presents Saarikoski for the new generation with fresh elements. In his music Martin combines freely different genres, just like Saarikoski did in his poems back then.

The work was premiered in Helsinki Festival 2004. The album Tanssiinkutsu by Roni Martin & Jukka Orma was released at the same year with 10 songs. In fall 2014 a 10-year jubilee version will be released along with a small tour. 

Lyrics: Pentti Saarikoski
Music: Roni Martin
Music arr. & orch. conducting: Jukka Orma
Choreography: Kaari Martin
Musicians: Alf Forsman, Roni Martin, Kaari Martin, Jukka Orma, Rauli Rantanen, Didier Selin, Tero Siitonen
Dance: Kaari Martin
Light design: Vinski Viholainen
Premiere: 23rd August 2004 at Huvila Festival Tent, Helsinki Festival