Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin is pleased to invite You to share a meal at Count Karenin’s festive table! A doomsday orchestra plays the last waltz under the gleam of crystal chandeliers. Ice sculptures melt away on trays. A bear dances. Love will not be our saving grace.

KILL Carmen live at The Cable Factory, Helsinki Festival 2015, TRAILER


Come to see her who destroys, devastates, makes one plunge into madness! Tears happiness, takes one’s property, ruins the reputation, stains one’s honor, pushes society into chaos. She is here: Carmen!


La Femme Rouge is a strongly personal piece in which the Martin’s adopt the rhytmics and form language of flamenco and spice it up with their own views and harness the boundlessness of modern music and contemporary art. It is a highly charged requiem where the unpredictability of life can be both crippling and an absurdly empowering force.


The Raven is a tribute to those Spanish flamenco artists who worked in the 1930s and were influenced by surrealism.

On a String

On a string, the first collaboration between Minna Tervamäki and Kaari Martin, is an interpretation of the Sibelius Violin Concerto. A work of many contrasts, it juxtaposes Finnish and international, tradition and modernity, the sensitive and the demonic. The women approach Sibelius via the musicality and sensitivity of flamenco and the expressive means of contemporary ballet.

Pippi Longstocking

Villa Villekulla’s ladies tea cups tinkle and the teeth of thieves rattle, when the world’s strongest girl goes flamenco! The show that won the Theatre Music Award 2009 dazzles again with its magnificent and titivated visuality. International performing crew includes the elite of Finland and Spain.