Lighting Designers

Jukka Huitila

Jukka Huitila (MA, Theatrical Arts) has worked as a light, sound and video designer for buildings, public spaces, events and the performing arts. Huitila has been involved in the visualisation of more than a hundred performing arts productions, and he has international design experience since 2002. His work is characterised by the seamless combination of video images with lighting design. His career occupies the middle ground between visualisations and the performing arts, and it ranges from marginal creations to massive implementations. 


Ville Virtanen

Ville Virtanen is an internationally renowned lighting, video and set designer. His first memories of the theatre date from kindergarten time: when he saw the play The Three Merry Robbers, he decided on a career in the theatre when he grew older. He has worked extensively on lighting design for various theatres, including The National Theatre since 2004, and for dance companies. He has been lighting designer and operator for Compañía Kaari & Roni Martin since 2007. Currently, he is responsible for operating and coordinating the lighting for all the works of the company and for the Flamingo contemporary flamenco festival, and he has designed the lighting for the two next works La Femme Rouge and Kill Carmen.

Mikki Kunttu

Mikki Kunttu is currently one of the most sought-after lighting designers in Europe. Kunttu works with many prominent artists from Finland and abroad. In addition to dance, he alsov works in music, opera, television and design. In 2005, Kunttu was awarded a five-year grant by the Arts Council of Finland. In 2006, he received the prestigious Bessie Award in New York for lighting design for Tero Saarinen and Akram Khan. In 2007, Kunttu received the Säde Award from the Finnish Association of Lighting Designers, and also the Koura Award for the visualization of The Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. In 2010, MTV3 awarded him a Venla Diploma of Merit.

Mikko Linnavuori

Lighting designer Mikko Linnavuori has won acclaim for both arts and commercial projects, working for the Finnish National Opera, the Tavastia Club, Nosturi and the Martinus Concert Hall. Earlier projects have ranged from the lighting design for dance works to the ideation and execution of effects for Apocalyptica and assignments with such front-line artists as Kimmo Pohjonen, Nightwish, Sunrise Avenue and the Scandinavian Music Group.