Costume Design & Visuals

Erika Turunen

Erika Turunen has designed costumes for a large number of theatre, ballet and opera productions since the beginning of the 1990’s. She was the head of the costume department at the Finnish National Opera 1995-2009. Turunen has attracted much attention abroad for her work in contemporary dance. She has designed costumes for many of the Tero Saarinen’s works and collaborated with Susanna Leinonen, Jouka Valkama, Jorma Uotinen, Kenneth Kvarnström, and others. In spring 2007, she was in charge of costumes for The Eurovision Song Contest.

Kaisu Hölttä

Kaisu Hölttä qualified as a make-up artist in 2004 and has since worked in the fields of TV, advertising, music and cinema and as a stylist. Her clients have included Emi Finland, Kennel Helsinki, Also Starring and Motel Royal. She has designed and done the make-up and hair styling for such works as Grain, Häiritty hiljaisuus (Disturbed Silence) and Chinese Objects for the Susanna Leinonen Company and for Carl Knif’s Hologram Walls. Kaisu Hölttä is also known as a dancer.


Photography, documentation & visual design

The layout and graphic design in made by producer Joonas Antikainen. The group also works with some talented photographers (Janne Mikkilä, Kim Laine, Jarkko Antikainen) and produces documentaries and video recordings of the performances with Arto Laukkanen and Seppo Louhi.